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Han and Chewie waking around the hackathon floor checking out what the devs are cooking up at @aahackwars
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Cracked Glass on a digital sign
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Who you gonna call? LOL
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It’s today! I thought I’d post this today. SIT 001 - Slowworm (green translucent vinyl) - At Last,My Day/Slip Up SIT 002 - One Fell Swoop (white opaque vinyl) - Ego Bully/Forgotten SIT 003 - Bug Hummer (red translucent vinyl) - Skippy’s Weekend / Ionesco My memories of running a record store in the early Nineties are some of my fondest memories from Savannah. It gives me joy that people still collect and listen to vinyl. Records are such great artifacts. I was not very good with marketing back then so I have so many of these left :) So if anyone seeing this is interested in getting a piece of Standard Records history (LOL) DM me for info.
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I was thinking about when I made this one. I am itching to start painting but is scratching the itch in the mean time.
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So much great loot from the Fluke Mini-comic fest in Athens this weekend! So many great artists making cool stuff. zoom in on the cards to get names and contact info for most of them. I tried to get cards from everyone who had one.
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I love cool labels you can peel off of a beer can and stick in a sketchbook. This great label by @keithashore for @creaturecomfortsbeer is so great! Also the name is great! “I can’t fight this feeling anymore”
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rocking in Can’t wait to see them again at
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Another digital painting made in procreate. Made this a couple of weeks ago.
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I haven’t shared this one. Just ran across it while cleaning my desk. Black and white ink on card stock.
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Another drawing.
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Ink drawing colored in
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Braving 9 degree weather to see one of my favorite bands in Denver. Teenage Fanclub!!!!
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Playing with color
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This packaging for the Atlanta United passes is so over the top awesome! Excited for Chapter III
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Love this metal skull
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I have 12 large No Entiendo shirts I printed a while back. I will sell for $15 (plus postage) or trade for artwork. DM me if you are interested.
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An empty brain is even worse
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White ink and fluorescent gel pen on black paper
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This drawing by Pierre Lucero [@peeairs] is even more amazing in person.
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